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Live your best possible life!


"I never thought that my life could be like this"

Awareness – Change – Possibilities 

Live a masterpiece – professionally and privately

Tap into possibilities beyond anything you could imagine so far . What is true security or relaxation? What do they feel like? What is real love? What incredible abilities are in you and want to be used at last? How successful can you be? Emotionally, mentally, physically & financially?

Time to develop your full potential

We are not interested in stirring up your old wounds for a long time. We are dedicated to end their influence on your present and future life. Don’t let your past spoil your future. When you stand in the desert as a penguin, it doesn’t matter how you got there. It’s much more important how you get out of there . But that’s not all! Now you are free to choose the life you want to live. We show you how you dream and live big.

We go all the way with you

In the development of personal potential, two aspects are essential: to strip off the old self AND to choose and live the new self. The penguin who comes from the desert must find his water now. Only then can she live her personal dream.

We will walk with you through all the phases of change and creation.

  • We will remove the obstacles with you that have prevented you from living your best life.
  • We show you how you dream bigger than ever and how to use your creative potential so that your dreams come true.
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Compass Journey

Embark on your Compass Journey when you finally want to consciously design all areas of your life. For a better life and a better world.


LIFE Coaching

Come to a private LIFE coaching session if you want to solve a specific problem right now.

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Year-long Master-Coaching

Opt for our exclusive year-long Master-Coaching. We will accompany you individually to make your life a masterpiece. (Very limited places). Apply now and arrange your first interview.


We show you how to change yourself and the world

eFeFTe: Fundamental frequency transformation

Albert Einstein, Max Planck and many other renowned scientists have known it for decades: There is a visible and an invisible world – matter and energy. Energy fields carry frequencies and they form matter. Therefore, in order to change something in our lives, it is necessary to access the frequencies that cause it. These frequencies determine our personal attitudes towards life, our habits and our behavior. They determine everything we experience in the visible world.

The best way to change something is therefore accessing the frequencies that caused it. Lifepassion shows you this highly effective access to the energetic quantum field. We call it Fundamental Frequency Transformation: eFeFTe.

Der beste Weg etwas zu ändern, ist daher, auf die verursachenden Frequenzen zuzugreifen. Lifepassion zeigt Dir diesen wirksamen Zugriff auf das energetische Quantenfeld. Wir nennen ihn Fundamentale Frequenz Transformation: eFeFTe.

Connectedness: Online in the quantum field

that is greater than any of us. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether we call this power Buddha, Allah, God, Great Spirit, quantum field or love. Ultimately, what matters that the path to wholeness and happiness lies in living in a conscious connection with this quantum field.

Without awareness of this connection, many feel alone, lost and powerless. They have an indefinable longing for more depth and meaning in life. To perceive and live the connection means to be ‘online’ with the quantum field. Accessing this connection consciously is eFeFTe . In this way, eFeFTe enables access to all possibilities and thus the path to a happy and fulfilling life.

Ohne Bewusstsein für diese Verbundenheit fühlen sich viele allein, abgeschnitten und ausgeliefert. Sie spüren eine unbestimmbare Sehnsucht nach mehr Tiefe und Bedeutung im Leben. Die Verbundenheit wahrzunehmen und zu leben, bedeutet ‘online’ mit dem Quantenfeld zu sein. Bewusst auf diese Verbundenheit zuzugreifen, ist eFeFTe. So ermöglicht eFeFTe den Zugang zu allen Möglichkeiten und damit den Weg in ein glückliches und erfülltes Leben.


You don't have to be satisfied with the life you live right now.

What is not beautiful in your life?
Fears, doubts, relationship problems, frustration at work, illnesses, depression or addictions? Or is everything going ok, but you just know that more is possible?

Don’t wait any longer. Destiny is NOW! Your actions today determine your tomorrow. Decide now to live your best possible life. We’ll show you how to do it. Step by step. If you want to change your life, do it now!


Susan W., 39, graduate ecotrophologist, Hamburg

The Lifepassion Compass changed my life and made me who I really am; gave me security, calmness, perspective and connectedness. Thank you!

Patrick H., 41, Management consultant, Berlin

Amina created a room full of magic, high energy and miracles. The seminar changed my life - I learned to let go of old blockages (hidden deep in my subconscious) and…

Verena S., 32, Lawyer, Munich

Hello Clemens, after years of painful problems with my back, I have been completely free of pain and discomfort since our sessions. Even the panic over the pain, which had also…

Petra L, 63, self-employed restaurateur, Berlin

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis (autoimmune thyroid disease). The "feeling of lump" in the throat already dissolved during the 30-minute session. During the regular blood test that followed a few weeks later, the endocrinologist informed…

Anja-Katrin F., 52, Biologist, Berlin

I am very excited how this one session could make a big difference. It helped me a lot. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Lisa A., 35, Hotel manager, Berlin

Lifepassion for Business

Be the best: Change - Mindset – SUCCESS
Say yes to yourself and to life

Destiny is now

Take the first step. Talk to us. We want to serve you and help you to live your best life. We will take about 30 minutes on the phone to clarify with you:
Where are you now? Where do you want to go? How can you get there?

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