Training in terminal care


Live and die consciously

Befriending death means mastering life

Understanding death and loving life

We are afraid of death and prefer to hide it. We are reluctant to be reminded of our own mortality. U ur elderly more likely to die in the hospital or nursing home – often alone. Grief has no real place anymore and whoever has lost a loved one is often left alone with it. Death makes you lonely. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Death is part of life. If we understand him correctly, he will be our greatest ally. Then we succeed in a brave, true life.

Training in terminal care:
We need you! Because it is important to bring this knowledge into the world.

When we are young, we consider ourselves immortal. The first big insight is that we are mortal after all. That’s when the fear begins. The second great realization is that we are more than our body. While it may die, our consciousness is does not.

When we die, our body returns to earth. Yet, our consciousness returns to the place of infinity, home. Countless reports of people with near-death experiences show that at the moment of death our whole life passes by and we are lead through a kind of tunnel into the light. What exactly we experience depends on how many of our issues remain unresolved or unspoken on Earth. The fewer we have, the easier it is for our Soul to find its way home.

Therefore, it is worth to live and die consciously.

Life & Death – class content

  1. The four phases of dying
  2. Understand, forgiving and letting go
  3. Energetic anatomy
  4. Finding trust and peace
  5. Taking the soul home
  6. Making death a great ally for your life
  7. Lovingly supporting dying and relatives

Lifepassion teaches you the knowledge and the steps to assist the dying during their greatest journey. We teach you the underlying science of death from physics, biology and neurosciences.  Sacred rituals surrounding death can bring peace and comfort to families even in this difficult hour. Peaceful and loving death processes also result in fewer inheritance disputes.


This is a four-day class lasts. In terminal care you are the quiet center in the storm being able to calm the fears of others. Ceremonies and rituals bring gratitude to life and trust in a higher power.

Experience dying with as much dignity, peace and love as possible.
Accompany the dying and their loved ones and take away a large part of their fear.
Be the rock in the storm during this great transition.

Come to this course

  • if it is part of your calling to accompany the dying.
  • when you feel that one of your family members is getting ready to leave.
  • if you have lost a loved one and want to know more about where they are now.
  • If you yourself are very afraid of death and it prevents you from living fully.
  • If you simply think that this knowledge needs to be spread throughout the world and you want to contribute to it.

Location, dates and costs


Where: Gut Frohberg , a beautiful place between Meißen and Dresden. When: 14th to 17th May 2020 : 2:00 p.m. | End: 4 p.m.

Seminar center GUT FROHBERG near Dresden Schönnewitz 9, 01665 Käbschützal Tel .: +49 35244 41803 E-Mail:

Gut Frohberg has reserved a room contingent. Please indicate when you register with us (on the registration form) which accommodation you would like. We forward all bookings together to Gut Frohberg .


Regular tuition is EUR 1,750.00. One-time introductory rate for the class in May 2020: EUR 1,250.00 . It is inclusive of VAT and excluding accommodation and meals.

The prices for overnight stays including full board range from EUR 58.00 in a multi-bed room to EUR 78.00 in a single room (per night / per person). Please indicate when you register with us (on the registration form) which accommodation you would like.

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