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The Lifepassion Compass

For a better life and a better world.
Deep inside you know that more is possible. You finally want to know how to do it. You want to make the best of your life – professionally and personally.
Next start: October 30th, 2020


Four weekends that change your life

The Compass is the fundamental Master-Your-Life program of the Lifepassion Academy. It leads you step by step into a self-determined and powerful life.
Scientifically sound and applicable we show you how to shape your life the way you want to. Everything is possible. It requires the knowledge and practices we teach you combined with your will to change your life.

The power of the Compass

The Lifepassion Compass is the guided path to health, freedom, love and success. We accompany you through the pitfalls of big changes. Together we open the doors to what is possible because you change the frequencies in your energy field. With the Lifepassion Compass you will experience how you can dissolve your fears and grow beyond yourself. You can create your desired future and bring it into the present.


We show you access to the quantum field on a solid scientific foundation . Cutting-edge Neuroscience and Biochemistry show us that our brain is designed to be consciously connected to this quantum field. If we do connect or not has very immediate effects on our body, our health and the life we lead. Science today agrees that so much more is possible than we all previously thought.

Better in everything

With the Lifepassion Compass you become more relaxed, efficient and loving. You always have an eye for the essentials and will be able to master every situation or task better, clearer and faster.

You take full responsibility for your emotions and thus the control of the frequencies that vibrate in you. As a result, you no longer act out of your fears and doubts, but out of all your strength.

You will do everything in your life with more courage, more power and more joy. This makes you happier and better in all areas of life : in health, family, partnership, sex and friendships as well as in work and career.


The Compass has such a profound effect because it touches us on every level of our being. Body, mind and soul are actively involved in the process and brought into actual harmony – in coherence. We are finally unlocking the unused potential of human consciousness. Scientifically based, step by step, in theory and practice we will show you how you can shape your life any way you want. Professionally and personally.

In this class you gain a fundamental understanding of how our energetic universe works. You turn inward and really get to know yourself. You clear the big limitations. You take a powerful “toolbox” with you on how you can deal with challenging situations in the future. You can safely access the quantum field of all possibilities to live powerfully and fulfilled from now on. You experience connectedness and know that everything is possible. These profound experiences will enable you to live a life beyond your wildest imaginations, both professionally and privately.

Auf der Kompassreise gewinnst Du ein Grundverständnis über die Funktionsweise unseres energetischen Universums. Du lernst Dich selber besser kennen und räumst die großen Limitierungen aus dem Weg. Du nimmst eine mächtige „Werkzeugkiste“ an Methoden mit, wie Du in Zukunft mit fordernden Situationen umgehen kannst. Du kannst sicher auf das Quantenfeld aller Möglichkeiten zugreifen, um von nun an kraftvoll und erfüllt zu leben. Du lebst in Verbundenheit und weißt, dass alles möglich ist. Diese profunden Erfahrungen werden Dir sowohl beruflich als auch privat ein Leben jenseits Deiner kühnsten Vorstellungen ermöglichen.

Class Contents – all four weekends

  • Physics: energy and matter (invisible and visible world)
  • The two sides of human nature
  • Exercises and practices
  • Journeys
  • Experience infinity
  • Field, frequencies and information
  • Biochemistry: illness and health – physical and mental
  • Effective access to the quantum field
  • Let go of who we were and choose who we want to be
  • Neuroscience: how does change work in our brain?
  • How do we use our whole brain?
  • Shape our life the way we want it
  • Finally develop the full human potential

1st weekend

Change & Being
Changing the frequencies of personal trauma and limiting beliefs. Becoming aware of where our life energy is flowing and bring all our strength back into the here and now. 

Canyon Landschaft

2nd weekend

Energetic dissolving of the long-lasting influences in our families: illness, poverty, abuse, fear, addiction ... Making peace with our ancestors and reactivate their power. For us and our children.

3rd weekend

All frequencies of the universe can be consciously received again. Experience calm, truth and connectedness. Our inner guidance - listening our own compass of life again and trusting it. 

compass weekend

4th weekend

Creation & Implementation 
Consciously choosing which frequencies we vibrate and thereby attract their resonance into our life. Recognizing the full power of our consciousness. Implementing changes effortlessly. Finally, be everything that is possible.

Your guides

Clemens & Amina


Susan W., 39, graduate ecotrophologist, Hamburg

Hello Clemens, after years of painful problems with my back, I have been completely free of pain and discomfort since our sessions. Even the panic over the pain, which had also…

Petra L, 63, self-employed restaurateur, Berlin

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis (autoimmune thyroid disease). The "feeling of lump" in the throat already dissolved during the 30-minute session. During the regular blood test that followed a few weeks later, the endocrinologist informed…

Anja-Katrin F., 52, Biologist, Berlin

I am very excited how this one session could make a big difference. It helped me a lot. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Lisa A., 35, Hotel manager, Berlin

You showed me not only how I live more powerfully, but also how I make the world a better place. Thanks for that.

Jasmin S., 50, Berlin

Registering for the Lifepassion Compass was one of the BEST decisions of my life. Thank you!

Alexandra D., 43, Management consultant, Berlin

Dear Clemens, I can breathe again and my heart is no longer heavy. Whatever happened in our session, I want to thank you for it. It was really an incredible experience.

Diane S., 42, Social worker, Berlin

The Lifepassion Compass is didactically masterful.

Thomas M., 54, teacher and choir director, Berlin

Clemens, I'm so happy that you helped me to let go of this, whatever , it was, sad or bad thing . Now I am much lighter, more relaxed and happier. It's just awesome! You helped me to…

Sofia A., 45, Sweden

The Lifepassion Compass gave me far-reaching insights, made me feel a close connection, freed me from deep-seated, old baggage and brought peace, lightness and confidence to my life. I am infinitely…

Helga K., 65, Berlin

I drank alcohol excessively. In working with Lifepassion I received the gift to start again. Alcohol is no longer an option for me.

Manuela K., 46, Educator, Frankfurt

In four years of therapy training I did not get as close to myself as I did on the Lifepassion Compass on the first day.

Ute G., 53, Teacher, Berlin


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Next dates

Lifepassion Compass2020/12020/2
1st weekend – Change & Being13.3. – 15.03.202030.10. – 1.11.2020
2nd weekend – Trust 5.8. – 10.05.2020 5.8. – 10.05.202012.11. – 13.12.2020
3rd weekend – Connectedness 26.06. – 28.06.2020 26.06. – 28.06.202022.1. – 24.01.2021
4th weekend – Creation & Implementation18.9. – 20.09.2020 19.2. – 21.02.2021


Gut Frohberg , a beautiful place between Meißen and Dresden. Located on a hill, at a small lake. Exactly the right place to start and complete a life-changing journey.
Start : Fridays at 2 p.m.
End: Sundays at 5 p.m.

Seminar Center GUT FROHBERG near Dresden
Schönnewitz 9, 01665 Käbschützal
Tel .: +49 35244 41803
E-Mail: |


The Lifepassion Compass takes place in four life-changing weekends and costs € 1,950.

The prices for overnight stays including full board range from EUR 60.00 in a multi-bed room to EUR 80.00 in a single room (per night / per person). On your registration you can let us know your preferences. We will pass on all requests to Gut Frohberg.

Gut Frohberg

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Clemens Mucharski & Amina Meineker
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