Advanced Magic
with Julie & Amina


When love wins over fear, miracles happen

You have already completed your basic training. You want more. In Advanced Magic we offer you this MORE.

Magic and love in your life

Embrace what Einstein said a long time ago: Everything is energy. Live this knowledge in every aspect of your being. Step into your potential even more and make full use of the power of your consciousness. Come to this course and create an amazing world full of peace, love and opportunities – not just for ourselves but for everyone . Let’s be a strong and mutually supportive group of advanced magicians. Let’s work together ! 


Take your life and work with clients to the next level

Recognize and understand the true basic rules of an energetic universe even more deeply and apply them in your work with clients. Revolutionize your skills to support your clients on their soul journey. Get to know new and potent forms of extraction and connect yourself with archetypal resources. In the direct experience of the quantum field, you understand that it was never a matter of maintaining a certain form. Experience and learn access to the incredible potential for help that is available to you energetically. Be part of this magical journey when we share new mystical maps for ourselves, our clients and our client work .

Change the world with us

Advanced Magic intends to bring together powerful mesa carriers who are ready to change the world together. We step into the sacred space, feel what is required, and create ceremonies for the world. This course will take place annually in Germany and the USA and will be different each time.

Come to Julie Hannon and Amina Meineker and be part of this course full of love and magic if you are a graduate of the Light Body School , have made the compass trip with lifepassion or the medicine bike with Julie Hannon .

The SeinZ Wisdom Resort has reserved a room allotment for us. That is why the online booking system on the website shows that the house is fully booked during our seminar. So please do not try to book your room online through the website. Instead, please select the room you want here and send an email to to reserve your room . Please write in your email that you are a participant in our seminar “ Advanced Magic”. The prices are special prices for seminar participants and are EUR 99 (3 to 4-bed rooms), EUR 109 (DZ Classic) and EUR 129 (EZ Classic) per night per person including full board. The SeinZ team will confirm your reservation quickly.

This course is taught in English and translated into German.

Come & Join us! Sign up today and be part of a miracle.

Julie & Amina

In 2008, both Julie and Amina began teaching at the Four Winds Society Light Body School – often referred to as the ‘Harvard of Energy Medicine’. Both stayed with it for over a decade. In 2013 a snowstorm surprised Amina in Boston. A colleague shared that Amina and Julie should meet (Julie lives in Boston). At that moment their partnership was born. Since then Julie and Amina have worked and taught together. They share their common background in the business world, especially in human resources, and the coaching of executives. Both of your passions are to make people more connected to something bigger than us. Together they open a sacred space that enables magic. They are excited to teach this advanced course together to expand every dimension of what is thought to be possible.

Come to our course ...

… if you want more
… if you want to get your life to the next level  … if you truly your own infinity want to use … if you want to be part of a movement that world to improve … if you want more love in your life and in the world want to bring  

Dates, location and prices

Advanced Magic USA (MENLA)21.03. – 26.03.2021 
Advanced Magic Germany (Pegasus)tbd 
Location USA

MENLA Mountain Retreat
375 Pantherkill Road
P.O. Box Phoenicia, NY 12464, USA
Phone: +1 845-688-6997 Ext 101

Please book with MENLA directly.


Tuition is US$ 1,498.00. It is inclusive of VAT and excluding accommodation and meals.

The prices are special prices for seminar participants and are between EUR 69 and EUR 95 per night per person including full board.

Locations Germany

Seminarhaus Pegasus
Außendeich 2
21732 Krummendeich, Deutschland
Telefon: +49 (0) 4779 124

The seminar hous Pegasus is an oasis of silence west of Hamburg – close to the sea and close to the sky. Pegasus has reserved a room contingent for us. Please book your room directly with Pegasus.


Tuition is EUR 1,498.00. It is inclusive of VAT and excluding accommodation and meals.

The prices are special prices for seminar participants and are between EUR 69 and EUR 95 per night per person including full board.

Advanced Mailing List

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Clemens Mucharski & Amina Meineker
+ 49 1577 606 7577